Sock Bunny Babies & Easter Craft Links

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Two Baby Bunnies

These sweet sock bunnies make perfect little gifts to tuck into Easter baskets.

I posted this last year but since it’s such a fun project, I’m re-posting it, plus I’m adding four links to more clever ideas for Easter/spring crafting!  Be sure to check them out at the end of this post.

These baby bunnies are easy to make at the last minute.  Here’s what you need for each sock bunny:

  • Infant sock
  • Fiberfill
  • Two 3 or 4 mm black beads
  • Pink embroidery floss – one strand only
  • White quilting thread
  • One 6″ x 7″ piece of soft flannel
  • 1/4″ ribbon about 12″ in length

Step 1:

Turn the sock inside out and fold the heel toward the open end of the sock.  Measure about 3/4″ from the heel fold, mark the spot with a removable marking pen.  Then draw the ear lines about 2″ long from the heel mark to the toe.

Step 2:

Machine stitch on the lines then cut between the stitching to form the ears. Turn right side out.

Step 3

Make a pleat in each ear and tie with white thread placing the knot at the back of the ear.

Stuff the head with a small ball of fiberfill and tie the neck in the same manner.

Step 4:

Stuff the body with additional fiberfill.  You can either machine stitch straight across the opening (which I did on one bunny but didn’t take a photograph) or you can tie the opening with thread as shown here.

Step 5:

Thread a long needle with the white thread.

Knot the end of the thread.  Measure about 1/2 inch down from the inside of one ear and insert the needle.  Pull it through to about the same position on the other side.

Tug the thread just a little bit to form the bunny’s nose as shown in the photo.  Pass the needle back to the other side of the nose and thread one of the small black beads onto the needle.  Pull the needle through to the other side (making one of the bunny eyes) and thread on the second small bead.   Again, pull the needle through the other way.  Secure with a small knot.

Step 6:

Thread a needle with one strand of pink embroidery floss and pull it double but don’t knot the thread.  Beginning from the back of the neck, pull the needle through to the front of the bunny’s nose making sure the ends of the thread just disappear into the back of the bunny’s head.   Embroider the nose as shown using a SATIN STITCH, then use a STEM STITCH to complete the mouth.  Take a tiny stitch when you’ve finished the mouth and pass the thread back through the head to the back of the neck.  Clip the thread so it disappears into the back of the bunny’s head.

Step 7:

To make the bunny’s whiskers, thread a needle with the white quilting thread and knot the ends about 1/2 inch in.  Insert the needle in the whisker area pulling straight across.  Secure with a knot and cut whiskers about 1/2 inch.  You can trim the whiskers whatever length you like.

Step 8:

Cut a piece of soft flannel to measure 6″ x 7″.  Lay the 7″ side wrong side up and fold down 1-1/2″ to to form a facing and stitch.

Then fold it in half, right sides together and stitch down the 6″ side.

Turn the fabric so the seam will be on the back and stitch across the bottom of the sack, as shown.  Turn right side out.

Tuck the baby bunny into the sack and tie the ribbon around the top as shown.

How cute is this?

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