ABC Sticker Gift Wrap


We’ve been invited to a baby’s baptism, this morning.  Yesterday I purchased a gift and when the clerk offered to gift wrap it, I said, “that would be great!”

It was pretty ugly.  She put it in a gift bag that was much too small and stuffed four small yellow and green tissues on the top then tied it with some pretty nondescript ribbon.

This morning I searched for wrapping paper but couldn’t find anything appropriate.   I did find a slightly wrinkled white paper bag.  And I spied two books of alphabet stickers in the box of crafty stuff that I keep on hand for the grandkids.

I pressed the bag with my iron to remove most of the wrinkles and decided to decorate it with the baby’s name…Hudson.

It turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself.

These were my supplies…a plain white bag, a couple of sticker books and a roll of red ribbon.

I used the blue and white ribbon from the original gift wrap plus some red curling ribbon to tie the handles of the finished gift bag.

Then I stuck the letters H – U – D – S – O – N at random spots on the white tissue paper.

Pretty nifty.