Two Irresistible Holiday Treats

This is sort of a re-post.  Originally posted on my “chatty” blog Lake Mary Musings, I decided awhile back that I would move the recipe posts from that blog to this new blog.  These make wonderful gifts during the holidays…hostess gifts, for example, or teachers’ gifts…bosses’ gifts, employee gifts…etc.  But make enough to keep at home!

Did you know that the first known use of the word chocolaty was in 1926?  I didn’t either until I decided to look up a proper spelling. says you can spell it either chocolaty or chocolatey.  The bit about its first known use was interesting, I thought.  However, they do not expand on where it was used or who first used it.  Fodder for another post, perhaps.

Cashew Clusters

These are Cashew Clusters.  I love them.  Luckily, this delicious confection is simple to whip up.  A friend of mine actually brought some of these to a card party a couple of weeks ago.  She was kind enough to share the recipe…don’t know where she found it, though.  It’s probably decades old and I’m just now finding out about it.

Here’s how to make them:


1 (12-oz) pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 (12-oz) pkg. butterscotch chips
2-1/4 cups granola
2 cups cashew pieces

Melt the chocolate and butterscotch chips in a glass bowl in the microwave.  It only takes a minute or two…try one minute then stir and add another minute.   Or you could melt them in a saucepan but slowly so they don’t scorch.

Add the granola and cashews.  Mix thoroughly.

I have a mini-muffin tin which I lined with those tiny paper cupcake liners.  I dropped about a teaspoonful of the mixture into each of the paper liners.  You wouldn’t need those, of course.  Just line up the papers on a tray and fill them that way.

About the granola.  I bought just a plain granola without raisins or spices.  You could use any kind you like, however.  I wanted the cashews to take center stage.

Believe it or not, I bought the granola, took it home and made these clusters before I even realized that the granola is made very near where my sister and brother-in-law in Washington live!  In the Skagit Valley of Washington state.   I’m just pleased as punch about that.

That’s it!  I’m going to package some of these up in small boxes lined with parchment, tie with pretty ribbons and bells and give as little gifts.

This next recipe is a popular one for Holiday treats.  It’s called by many names but are quite simply Peanut Butter Bonbons.

Peanut Butter Bonbon

The recipe is from   of The Virtual Goody Plate.  I think you should pop over there for the actual recipe because her bonbon is dusted with edible star glitter.  Yes, it is – you’ve gotta see it!  I don’t have edible glitter on mine, of course, but you can bet that as soon as I can get to a Michael’s (a craft shop here in the States) I’ll be picking up a bunch.

And her recipe is printable, too.  In fact, that’s how I stumbled upon her blog…she and I both figured out how to put a printable button from the  Food Bloggers Unite! website.

“There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles.” – Anonymous