Holiday Decorating – Simplified

Because we’re not going to have any guests, this Christmas, I’ve decided to scale back on the holiday decorating.  We’ll have a tree, of course.  I like sitting at night with just the tree lights glowing.

But I’ve learned that you don’t have to have lots of expensive holiday decor in order to have a holiday ambiance.  This all started years ago when I couldn’t afford much.  Now I’ve come to love the simplicity of some of these little “tricks”.

 The first thing I do is remove most of the non-Christmassy stuff.  The worst part about doing that is finding a place to stash it all until after the Holidays you can try this out.  P.S. Don’t look under the beds.

One thing that I do every year that is inexpensive and effective is tie a large ribbon around the lamp bases.  The first photo shows that I did not remove anything at all from that table.  I just tied a bow around the lamp.  Jack gave me that cloisonne vase about 30 years ago and the little box looks nice with it plus they almost look Holidayish.  Christmassy and Holidayish are not in the dictionary but are just the words I’m looking for so….

Anyway, at the end of the season I just roll the ribbons up and tuck them in with the rest of the ornaments.  Just thought you might find that useful.

Now I’m going to go see what else I’ve got stashed away that I can reinvent for the holidays!

This is an updated version of a 2009 Lake Mary Musings  holiday post.  It kind of qualifies as a crafty idea so I’m putting it on this new blog!