An unexpected hiatus…

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I was so excited about this new blog of mine and pledged to myself that I would create and post at least one recipe per week…either something delicious or something crafty.

Well, dealing with this fractured ankle has temporarily brought my best intentions to a halt.  I’m getting better at hobbling around the house with a walker but it’s nearly impossible to cook and/or bake and photograph the process while balancing on one foot or clinging to a walker.

I also sprained my right arm when I slipped and fractured the ankle…wouldn’t you know?  Frankly, my arm is more painful than my leg.  I’ve heard that sprains can be more painful and take longer to heal than breaks…not sure how accurate that is.   Sprained arm + fractured ankle = not accomplishing much.

As for crafty recipes…all of my art supplies, sewing supplies and crafting supplies are downstairs.  Downstairs is off limits, of course.   I’m hoping that on March 8th, the x-rays will show that the bones have healed and I will be allowed a walking boot!  Can hardly wait to dig through my stash of crafty/artsy stuff!

March 8th…can’t get here soon enough!

In the meantime, I’ve tackled a project that will ultimately be very useful…check out the post about it on  Lake Mary Musings.